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It starts with the client completing a brief, i.e. a short survey in which client describes his / her project. At this stage, together with the client, we wonder whether it should be an image or sales campaign. This is very important because it determines our further actions. It will also allow for better recognition of the target group of the future advertising strategy, which will directly translate into the success of the campaign and the most effective use of funds.

The previously set elements will allow for the creation of a media plan. This is an advertising campaign plan that helps you in realization and hassle-free implementation of your ideas. Media plans are excellent tools that will allow you to use the tools involved in the campaign as effectively as possible - we know it well, that's why we use it!

At this stage, our team of graphic designers, designs the main page, subpages and RWD version - it is a responsive version of the site, i.e. one that will adapt to display on mobile devices. Circular design approaches each project individually - we select the best solutions according to the client's vision. Each website design is created in accordance with the rules of User Experience - this makes the website transparent and functional, and customers are able to navigate intuitively and efficiently. This makes it easier for on-line shopping and makes it more enjoyable, which translates into a conversion and profits for the seller.

An advertising creation is produced at the beginning, and then we create the content. Effective content marketing is the basis for the measures chosen to implement the campaign. Professional copywriters take good care of it, and with a use of graphic designers they create content that is best suited to the client's business profile - they are transparent, detailed and most of all, easily found on the internet in the thick of information.

The website can be launched in two ways - on the client's hosting or on the hosting offered by circular studio. Regardless of the choice, we adapt the page to general requirements, we perform SEO optimization and install a metering system (e.g., Google Analytics), we configure custom reports and conversion paths. We also integrate the website with Google AdWords or other advertising systems and configure the backup system. Then, we secure the site against burglary attempts and upon customer's request, we conduct security tests with a use of external company.

As part of regular cooperation with the client, circular studio makes sure that the service works without any interruptions or breaks. If there is a need for changes or improvements - we will advise and create additional functions and capabilities on the client's website. In addition, we offer advice and assistance in the event of technical problems with service (viruses, page damage).

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